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Daftar Lokasi dan Alokasi BLM T.A. 2014

Dalam rangka pelaksanaan PNPM Mandiri Tahun Anggaran 2014, bersama ini kami sampaikan Daftar Lokasi dan Alokasi Bantuan Langsung Masyarakat (BLM) PNPM Mandiri T.A 2014


Aneka Keripik dari Asrikaton

Terinsipirasi dari keinginan untuk mengembangkan produk unggulan desa, saat ini telah lebih dari satu tahun KSM Usaha Bersama di Desa Asrikaton, Kab. Malang, menekuni produksi keripik buah.


Berkah Jembatan Gantung

Sudah puluhan tahun Warga Dusun VI kampung Gunung Sangkaran mengharapkan adanya jembatan penghubung antara kampung Gunung Sangkaran dan kampung Panca Negeri.


Kami Kini Tak Lagi Mandi di Sungai...

Warga Desa Ponjen, Kecamatan Karanganyar, Kebumen, Jawa Tengah kini bisa menikmati air bersih hasil pembangunan jaringan memanfaatkan mata air Blawaong di Gunung Plana.


Saluran Pengaduan

Gunakan Saluran pengaduan atas penyimpangan Program PNPM Mandiri di SMS: 0853 1113 1183 Email: [email protected] Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pengaduan.pnpm


Ethernet Repeater

Ethernet Repeater – Put Your LAN Where You Need It Most – Beyond 100m

An Ethernet Repeater can extend Ethernet beyond 100m and can also be known as:


Ethernet Repeater Solutions Ethernet Repeater

► Plug and Go LAN Switch port/s on each end
► Your Ethernet LAN up to a max of 9,000ft
► Secure Communications between LAN Repeater devices
► Any CUSTOM option available at time of order
► ENABLE-IT USA Factory Floor Direct


Enable-IT, Inc. uses pure American engineering and craftsmanship, unlike all the copycat competitors that are banned for use in any US Government Network! We pride ourselves in the ability to create and customize any Gigabit Ethernet Repeater (LAN Repeater) solutions or design at the actual time of ordering because we are the factory and expert design engineers – No other supplier can match this ability – PERIOD. With almost 4 decades of experience, highly flexible capacity, and U.S. based process control, makes us the best value in the business and the only Ethernet Repeater OEM Custom Extender solution provider you’ll ever need.

Enable-IT is the only source for On Demand at time of order that can create custom Gigabit Ethernet Repeater products and solutions that ship same day from our USA Factory Floor direct. Whether you need to extend Ethernet beyond 100m or PoE Ethernet beyond 100m, Enable-IT is your go to USA manufacturer. We are the Ethernet Repeater Experts globally.

Some of our Products that are Gigabit Ethernet Repeaters that extend Ethernet beyond 100m are:

Ethernet Repeater Selection Matrix - Choose your distance and other needs
Ethernet Repeater
Made in The USA OEM Manufacturer of Ethernet Repeaters
Ethernet Repeater

Enable-IT is the world’s Premier OEM Manufacturer of Gigabit Ethernet Repeater Extender and PoE Extender technologies. Since 1982 - longer then any current supplier of our concept and technology, we have provided cost effective solutions for commercial offices, the hospitality industry, wireless and cable telecommunications companies and ISPs. Enable-IT is the only source for On Demand at time of order that can create custom Gigabit Ethernet Repeater products and solutions that ship same day from our USA Factory Floor direct. Basically, we can help almost anyone that needs to extend Ethernet beyond 100m or extend PoE Ethernet beyond 100m. We are the Ethernet Repeater Extender Experts globally.

Our customers include the Military; NASA; aerospace manufacturers; nautical infrastructure builders; video surveillance and security specialists; advanced telecommunications companies; extreme mining operators; global construction enterprises; commercial agriculture companies; major healthcare providers; live entertainment, broadcasting, and news agencies; extreme retail/POS organizations; long-distance education companies; international hospitality companies; and more.

Enable-IT Ethernet Extension Experts – World’s Most Popular Ethernet Extender, PoE Extender and Ethernet DSLAM are the only manufacturers in this industry that wholly design and make their products in the USA. All other competitors are more focused on their profits and not delivering high quality products regardless of cost as the Ethernet Extension Experts are. Some of core principals are our commitment to high quality products, US based expert technical support and providing custom OEM solutions. Our Ethernet Extenders and PoE Extenders deliver unsurpassed Ethernet performance, power, and reach! And we offer the most knowledgeable English-speaking customer service and technical support in the industry.

Ever try to get RMA support document or an English speaking tech on the phone from one of our competitors? Enable-IT Ethernet Extension Experts is a Premier OEM Manufacturer of Broadband Ethernet communication technologies and solutions for the hospitality, commercial office, and MxU (multiple-dwelling, multiple-tenant, multiple-commercial, multiple-hospitality) unit marketplace.

Mission-Critical Ethernet LAN Extender. Best on the Planet!
Enable-IT Offers an “Instant On” Single-Port Ethernet Extender Kit (Released June 2016).

If your network is so mission-critical that you cannot cannot afford to wait for synchronization, then Enable-IT's high-performance Ethernet Extender kit is exactly what you're looking for. Our Ethernet LAN Extenders have mission-critical power-cycle reboot availability. And our newest models come with a limited lifetime warranty!

Ethernet Repeater Kit - Long Distance Networking
Ethernet Repeater

Offering groundbreaking proprietary design; globally recognized "ruggedized" styling; and superior, quality-assured manufacturing, Enable-IT's Ethernet LAN Extenders are the planet's most trusted and deployed brand. Learn more about Enable-IT's 821 Ethernet LAN Extenders. Made in the USA, they offer the extreme security and reliability you need.

If extreme environments are a consideration, too, our Ethernet LAN Extender kits are available in a slick professional grade IP68 Waterproof enclosure—perfect for outdoor installations. See the 824WP here for reference. ►

Enable-IT's Ethernet Extension solutions are American-made and offer unsurpassed craftsmanship. In fact, durable American craftsmanship, military-grade security, and best-in-class reliability are what Enable-IT is known for. The 821 Ethernet Extension kit can extend your Ethernet LAN up to 2,500 ft (762 m) over a single pair of copper wiring (e.g., telco). Additionally, a single CO can support up to 9 CPE units on the same pair of wiring, and an integrator's entire Ethernet extender implementation would remain fully transparent to the protocols, applications, and MAC addresses on the host network.

Our world-class Ethernet Extender units are Made in the USA and have built in encryption to protect you from security breaches. Our hardware assures a secure link between our US-made Ethernet Extension devices and your digital content so your network doesn't become an entryway for foreign competitors and related security threats. We help you avoid the security risks of foreign-made, copycat clone extenders–some of which have been banned from US markets due to hardware Trojan horses (HTHs).

American-made Ethernet Repeaters are designed, manufactured, and serviced with American quality and pride on US soil. Our Enable-IT 821 Ethernet LAN Extenders use industry LAN standard RJ-45 (8-pin) connectors to support easy installation in even the most challenging environments. We engineer technical complexity out of your work life, delivering turnkey/automatic line adjustment functionality so you get the benefits of a plug-and-play and plug-and-go solution whether on your existing wiring or new wiring.

Enable-IT's extreme Ethernet Extension experts design, manufacture, and service our 821 Ethernet LAN Extender kits—and all our world-class products—in the USA, where providing unsurpassed security and intellectual property protections is job #1. We offer unsurpassed customer service and technical support, too. And you can count on use to respond to your special requests. We are the best in the business—day in and day out—and no one even comes close to our abilities around custom design, custom materials, and custom performance.

Ethernet Repeater - Click to Learn More ►

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